25    Thursday –  IDEA Center   6-8pm       Social Membership Meeting
Program     AAUW in Action Nationally and Locally   (A Power Point Presentation)

15    Thursday – IDEA Center 6-8pm       Program: How to Qualify for Public Office                       Speakers – Vivian Cody and Linda Jurczak

4     Tuesday  –  Powell Hall  7-9pm          Program:  VSU Political Forum
Speakers – Local Candidates for Public Offices

15    Tuesday – Second Harvest Building   6-8pm
Program:  How Second Harvest Helps the Community
Speaker – Eliza McCall

3     Saturday –  Diane Holliman’s Home
Program:  Members’ Christmas Dinner and Party 6-8pm Christmas Games and Carols

26     Thursday – HSBA Building Social Work Suite  6-8pm
Program:   Sister to Sister and Fundraising
Speakers – Quiana Martinez and Rosetta Coyne

16     Thursday –  IDEA Center  6-8pm     Program:  Five Languages of Love
Nominations of 2017-18 Officers
Speaker – Counselor Laurie Wallace

4      Saturday –   University Center  9am          Program:  Sister to Sister Summit
Speaker – Quiana Martinez

20   Thursday – IDEA Center 6-8pm      Programs:  Give a Grad a Gift/New Officers   voting/*Fascinating Teas and their many health benefits
Speaker –  *Mrs. Inday Bauer

11   Thursday – Mom and Dad’s 6-8pm
End of the Year Meeting    Installation of Officers for 2017



August 20, 2015
Membership Reception 6 p.m. – Home of Beatriz Potter, Branch President

September 24, 2015
AAUW Political Forum

October 22, 2015
Program Meeting 6 p.m. VSU IDEA Center – 102 Georgia Avenue

AAUW Scholarship and Grant Opportunities – Our speaker will be Carmita McCall who received a 2015 AAUW Career Development Grant. She is working on her MPA at Valdosta State University and is living and working in Tallahassee with the Gadsden County Healthy Start Services Program that offers services to a very underserved and poor rural population outside of Tallahassee. She will be speaking about her career development grant.

November/December Meeting December 5, 2015
Program Meeting 1 p.m. VSU Center for International Programs – 204 Georgia Avenue

Holidays Around the World – The International students share with us how they celebrate the holidays in their home country. Members of AAUW provide food for a light meal.

January 21, 2016
Sister to Sister Planning Meeting 6 p.m. VSU IDEA Center – 102 Georgia Avenue

February 18, 2016
Program Meeting 6 p.m. VSU IDEA Center – 102 Georgia Avenue
Multicultural Awareness – Our speaker will be Selenseia Holmes, Coordinator of Multicultural Affairs – VSU’s Office of Social Equity and Valdosta AAUW member.

March 5, 2016
Sister to Sister Summit

April 21, 2016
Program Meeting 6 p.m. VSU IDEA Center – 102 Georgia Avenue
Valdosta Women in Business – Meet and hear from a group of women in business in the Valdosta area.

May 12, 2016
End of the Year Social 6 p.m. Valdosta Yacht Club 2324 W. Marion Ave. Lake Park
Installation of Officers
AAUW Valdosta Branch website:
AAUW Valdosta Branch Facebook:




Tuesday, May 19, 5:30 p.m. at the Wooden Nickel on Inner Perimeter
Join us for our May meeting and election of officers.

When: Feb. 10th, 5:30 pm
Where: Wooden Nickel, Perimeter Road
Agenda: Planning session for Sister-to-Sister 2015, giving all members the opportunity to hear the current plans for the Summit, assist in the final details, and volunteer for various assignments needing to be done before the summit or at the summit.

Sister-to-Sister Summit Date: March 7. VSU University Center. Registration starts at 8:30 am.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015 at 5:30 at Austin’s Restaurant on West Hill Avenue.
Dr. Shirley Hardin, Director of African American Studies and professor of English at Valdosta State University, will be our speaker on the topic of mentoring and inspiring students.  Although her topic is on inspiring students, all members will find her presentation inspiring  as we plan our Sister to Sister program and other activities in 2015.